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Our company

The firm "Benjamin Fleury" was founded in 1999. Thanks to satisfied customers, we were able to expand step-by-step. Today we count 8 employees.

The company is located in Asuel in the heart of La Baroche, about ten kilometers from Porrentruy.

  • We work in the field of wood energy and supply several large-scale systems for district heating.
  • In our sawmill we turn your wood into frames, boards, squares, etc.
  • In agriculture, we have a wide range of machines for various tasks such as bundling, silage, sowing, selling feed and much more.
  • We also have a large selection of Hitachi and Cat construction machines for rent.
  • 2021 -
    Arrivée de notre future déchiqueteuse "Allbach Diamant 800ch"
  • 2020 -
    Demolition and reconstruction of our new stable for our horses and mother cows in Fregiécourt
  • 2020 -
    Returning the sawmill to service
  • 2020 -
    Purchase of the Zimmerman sawmill in Asuel
  • 2019 -
    Purchase of our famous "General Lee" truck
  • 2019
    Takeover of the family farm in Fregiécourt
  • 2015
    Purchase of shredder "Albach Silvator"
  • 2001
    Purchase first shredder
  • 1999
    Creation of the agricultural business

Our Team

since 1999

Benjamin Fleury

+41 79 321 99 72 Mail
since 2013

Irénée Maillard

since 2020

Sébastien Fleury

since 2020

Thomas Schneuwly

since 2020

Laurent Haeberli

since 2014

Fernand Broquet

since 2010

Ghislaine Waeckerli

since 2018

Tania Frauchiger