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Our company

The firm "Benjamin Fleury" was founded in 1999. Thanks to satisfied customers, we were able to expand step-by-step. Today we count 8 employees.

The company is located in Asuel in the heart of La Baroche, about ten kilometers from Porrentruy.

  • We work in the field of wood energy and supply several large-scale systems for district heating.
  • In our sawmill we turn your wood into frames, boards, squares, etc.
  • In agriculture, we have a wide range of machines for various tasks such as bundling, silage, sowing, selling feed and much more.
  • We also have a large selection of Hitachi and Cat construction machines for rent.
  • 2021 -
    Arrivée de notre future déchiqueteuse "Allbach Diamant 800ch"
  • 2020 -
    Demolition and reconstruction of our new stable for our horses and mother cows in Fregiécourt
  • 2020 -
    Returning the sawmill to service
  • 2020 -
    Purchase of the Zimmerman sawmill in Asuel
  • 2019 -
    Purchase of our famous "General Lee" truck
  • 2019
    Takeover of the family farm in Fregiécourt
  • 2015
    Purchase of shredder "Albach Silvator"
  • 2001
    Purchase first shredder
  • 1999
    Creation of the agricultural business

Our Team